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The NSW Branch of the Australian Dental Association welcomes the news that NSW Health has approved water fluoridation for Gunnedah.
ADA NSW and local dentists actively campaigned for fluoridation in Gunnedah as a safe and cost-effective way to improve the oral health of the community.
Gunnedah Shire Council last year voted 8 to 1 to seek approval from NSW Health to add fluoride to the town water supply.Residents could be drinking fluoridated water from 2020 after approval was given by NSW Health.
ADA NSW Vice President Dr Kathleen Matthews said it was a positive development for Gunnedah’s current and future residents.
“Good oral health is vital to good health overall,” Dr Matthews said. “Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay in people of all ages, making their teeth stronger and helping to repair early decay. We are pleased that the people of Gunnedah will soon have access to this proven public health measure.”